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The Alliance Table is a learning community of movement organizations and donors working to advance gender, racial, and reproductive justice. Launched by the Collaborative for Gender and Reproductive Equity in 2022, the Alliance Table brings together 150 state-based + national organizations, numerous research + strategy partners, 13 funders, and $6 million in unrestricted funding.

Between us we have tremendous power and potential to stop the tide of right wing extremists fighting to eliminate our rights.


  • 01

    Learning Labs

    Expert-led discussions on right wing opposition strategies, designed to foster shared understanding and support the development of proactive solutions.

  • 02

    Design Labs

    Co-design workshops where attendees can share their expertise and ideas, seek feedback, and build power through new partnerships.

  • 03

    Member Directory

    A secure opt-in directory of movement organizations designed to help folks learn about and connect with others in this space. Request an invite.

  • 04

    Request for Proposals

    A new funding opportunity seeking proposals for projects that contribute to long-term strategies. Learn more about the RFP.

We can understand right-wing strategy. We need to believe that we can win. We need each other to do that.

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